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Personal Message from Founder Christina Francis

I grew up in a family dedicated to innovation and service. My father, Ray Francis, was a pioneer in skincare science. Back in the 1990s, Ray and his team were the first to create a true anti-wrinkle cream, using peptides as the key ingredient. Growing up watching my entrepreneurial father I was instilled to have a strong work ethic and live by the integrity of our products. His criteria has always been that technological innovation and efficacy, through scientific research, is the basis for exceptional and leading skincare.

Looking at this breakthrough, I saw an opportunity to build on my family’s extraordinary legacy. It seemed natural to create a company that would be an inspiration to women everywhere. Ten years in development, Transformational Beauty required an extraordinary concentration of scientific research and ingenuity, engaging the brainpower of over 30 specialists around the world.

Transformational Beauty was created to continue the legacy of innovation of my family’s beauty secrets, passed down from generation to generation, to share this plethora of beauty knowledge and enrich the lives of others through breakthrough formulas.

The ultimate purpose is to make a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives. Our mission goes beyond skin care, we’re about bringing more beauty into people’s lives in every possible way.

My vision for Transformational Beauty can touch countless lives in many different ways. I see Transformational Beauty as a natural extension of everything I grew up with, a gift of beauty and opportunity from my family to your family.

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OUR MISSION We are a family legacy built on entrepreneurial spirit and integrity. Transformational Beauty is committed to transforming lives by offering endless possibilities, innovative products and a vision of success.

OUR GOAL is to create anti-aging skincare products that deliver consistent, provable results.

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